Interested in discovering the secrets of your family's past? Visiting and learning about the places your ancestors grew up? Now you can enjoy a fully personalized ancestral tour exploring the Czech countryside, visiting medieval churches where ancestors got baptized or married, cemeteries with faded gravestones bearing your family names...

I will assist you with your family research to ensure your expedition is as interesting and informative as possible. Either I can personally collate some basic genealogy research about your family or I can contact a professional local genealogist to prepare your family tree.

I can also try to contact any living relatives in local villages or towns, and prepare your meetings with them. It is not always possible to meet or to find living relatives, but when it happens, it is usually very moving.

As a professional Czech tour guide, I will also prepare a fully guided service of the area as part of your tour.

The price will depend on how many people are in the traveling party, how far from Prague we will travel and how much preparation needs to be done. As a rough guide, the price for 6 people shouldn't exceed 10000CZK including transport, driver and me - the guide for the whole day, anywhere in the Czech Republic. Areas closer to Prague would be less.
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